What is Curiem?
An all natural line of skincare products for men and women.
How is Curiem different from other products on the market?
Curiem only uses clinically proven natural ingredients. We also don't add anything that may cause irritation.
Can Curiem help all skin types?
Yes, it's formuled to be gentle and effective for all skin types, especially sensitive.
Do you use Paraben preservatives?
Absolutely not. Our preservative system is EcoCertified, and is so safe its also used in the food industry.
Is Curiem natural?
Yes, all of our ingredients are from natural sources.
Why are vitamins good for my skin?
There has been an overwhelming amount of published research showing how beneficial topical applied vitamins are.
I don't have acne, but rosacea. Will it help that too?
Yes, by helping calm down the inflammation associated with rosacea.
Is it ok to use if I'm pregnant?
Our product is formulated to be safe to use for both men and women. If you are hyper sensitive to some ingredients consult a health care professional before beginning treatment.
Can I use this with other products?
Yes, it is made to be the treatment phase of your skincare routine. It is formulated to be compatible with any skincare system.
How soon can I expect results?
Results vary on the severity of the condition your treating and how well your skin reacts to it. You may see results in as little as 1 week to a couple of weeks.
Are there any side effects?
We have not seen any side effects in our study of this product. If you do have any rare adverse reaction discontinue use immediently and consult a health care provider.
Is Curiem for all ages?
Yes, you can develop acne at any age. If you are also concerned with anti-aging then Curiem+ is the perfect answer for your skin.
Are there any products I should avoid using while on Curiem?
Avoid using multiple acne treatment products or anything overly drying while on Cuirem.
I'm a guy and I'm wondering how long I should wait to apply Curiem on my skin after shaving?
Towel dry skin first before application. You might experience a slight tingle, but this should subside after application.