We believe a smart consumer is an informed consumer. Below we have listed some of the ingredients you may find in our different skincare products and what they are sourced from.

allantoin - derived from roots and leaves of the comfrey plant
ascorbyl palmatate - vitamin c
camellia sinensis extract - green tea
distilled water - pure water
gluconolactone - naturally occurring from honey and fruit juice
glycerin - from corn
modified corn starch - from corn
nicotinamide - vitamin b3
panthenol - vitamin b5
polyglyceryl-4 oleate - distilled triyglycerol ester from vegetable oleic acid
polysorbate 80 - derived from sorbitol (sugar alcohol) and oleic acid(omega-9 fatty acid)
Propanediol - from corn sugar
retinol palmatate - vitamin a
sodium benzoate - sodium salt of benzoic acid (obtained from bark of trees in the Styrax family)
sodium citrate - sodium salt of citric acid (from citrus fruit)
tocopherol - vitamin e
xanthan gum - natural sugar derived from corn

We don't use any oils (essential or otherwise) or fragrances as they can irritate your skin. While the majority of acne products contain alcohol, ours don't. The inclusion of alcohol can cause skin cell death and overly dries out your skin. We believe healthy skin is happy skin.

We thank you for taking the interest in Curiem. Make sure to also check out our Mission Statement in our About Curiem section.